Health, Safety & Environment
We offer valuable management solutions to optimize the elements of your existing Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) program. A big piece of Health & Safety is “doing” what your manual and policies say you will “do”, and our professionals have the skill and resources to ensure you are compliant with, not only yourself, but also industry and government regulations.

HSE Program Development
We can help your company develop and integrate an HSE Program that will satisfy all requirements of your company’s Industry Recommended Standards, Occupational Health & Safety standards, and those required to attain a Certificate of Recognition (COR). Safety Programs developed by our team of professionals can also be tailored to ensure compliance with safety associations such as Enform, ISNetworld, ComplyWorks, and any ISO standards that may be required. Common components of a safety program may include: Safety Manual, Hazard Identification, Assessment and Control Processes, Emergency Response Planning, Health and Safety Forms. Worker Orientation Material amd HSE Performance Reporting Material.

Onsite Health, Safety & Environment Advisors (HSE Advisor)
HSE Advisors provide support to your current supervisor, assisting with their day- to-day safety responsibilities and documenting due diligence such as: orientations, safety meetings, inspections, equipment audits and work observations. They ensure compliance with applicable Occupational Health and Safety legislation, industry standards and other government regulations. HSE Advisors operate as coaches and mentors to workers and advise management on health and safety issues, while implementing corrective actions to minimize risk and prevent incidents.

Safety Audits
Our certified and experienced safety auditors offer systematic and independent assessment of your organization’s HSE program. An audit will examine each component in the HSE program for efficiency, effectiveness and compliance measured against a predetermined set of controls. An audit can be as broad or as focused as you would like. Our team has the accreditation to perform Certificate of Recognition (COR) audits. A COR demonstrates that an employer’s HSE program has been evaluated and meets provincial standards established by Occupational Health & Safety.

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